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The last moments of Mr. Elliot Williams life were captured on video, while laying in a cell with a broken neck.

 The federal trial is going on now for the civil rights death of Elliot Williams.

To read more about what happen to Mr. Williams check our this article from The Daily Beast.

Top Issues we are working on:

WTPO calls for the end of STUN CUFFS in Oklahoma Courts.

We are reviewing the LivePD contract with the City of Tulsa and the production company.

Restoring trust at TCSO

What should we look for in a sheriff?

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) is an integral part of law enforcement in Oklahoma. The office handles numerous duties including but not limited to security, maintaining the jail and, most importantly, protecting the citizens of Tulsa County. The new sheriff of the TCSO needs to be an individual of integrity, an effective leader, and a person who understands the needs of a diverse county.

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Community Safety Institute- Please be sure to read our statement on the audit, as we continue to go through the 238 pages. The audit has been made public for your viewing.

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WTPO proposed new policy recommendations for Law Enforcement agencies.

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